The Countdown - Day 2

03 July 2015

Region: London

If you want to join the pop-up film unit at the Bleeding London exhibition next week, Mark Percival LRPS explains how.  We’re also looking for a few Bleeding Londoners to interview.

The London Region is, in the spirit of Geoff Nicholson’s Bleeding London novel, creating a road to somewhere that others want to tread.

The launch of the photographic Bleeding London show at City Hall is coming up next week.  Interest amongst photographers has been increasing.  The preview show at City Hall is full.  There is an overflow meeting in a nearby re-purposed Fire Station.  Let it never be said that photographers don’t seek out the results of someone’s imagination at work.

Preparations are also progressing for another regional RPS first:  London, Cine.  Unless you are mobile-phoneless, we all have video cameras at our hips.  We have, within RPS and the London Region, access to some of the best cinematographers around.  London, Cine is an initiative that aims to bring knowledge and experience to those of us who would dearly love to be able to understand more of the cinematography craft. 

Just as with still photography, you just have to get out there and make video to progress.  I believe I am not alone in wanting to do this.  Over the summer I will be seeking colleagues in London Region who aspire to ‘do cine’ better or in my case, at all.  You can email London, Cine at if you similarly aspire.

I am out and about trying my hand.  I have assembled a small ‘pop-up film unit’ to document the Bleeding London launch event next week.  The results of this effort will be linked to another blog next week.  Creating opportunities to document is what excites me about what London, Cine might do.  If you want to bring ideas or take part in another ‘pop-up film unit’ activity then send me an email.

Just to either whet your appetite or dampen your ardour I have created this clip which is being used in liaison with press and others for the event.  So far multiple TV crews are likely to descend during the preparations so that alone will be fascinating.  Call to action – if you want more London, Cine info or to get involved – just send an email – seemples: .

Please note, if you’re a Bleeding Londoner willing to participate in front of the camera, please email