The Countdown - Day 3

04 July 2015

Region: London

Although the Bleeding London project (obviously!) took place in London, it captured the imagination of many non-Londoners.  Today we introduce three overseas Bleeding Londoners who made special trips to London just to participate in the project.

Constantinos Christadou is a young lad from Cyprus, who came over to London last October for a weekend’s photography especially for Bleeding London.  He came with his lovely family and a school chum.  Having done his homework, Constantinos had a pretty good idea of where he wanted to go and he submitted some wonderful iconic images to the project.  He also explored some of the lesser known parts of the capital, but - like most Bleeding Londoners - he’ll have to wait until next week to find out what was chosen for the exhibition.

Rudi Kielmair and Markus Karl, based in Vienna, came to London for the launch of the project last May.  As seasoned visitors to London, they wanted to use their trip to explore new pastures, so they spent much of their photographic time in “Little India”.   Enchanted by the food markets of Southall, we hear that there was an excess baggage problem for the homeward journey, but there are some delicious curries now being served in Vienna.

SW1 Lupus Street © Constantinos Christadou

W1 Piccadilly Circus © Rudi Kielmair

UB1 Herbert Road © Markus Karl

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