The Countdown - Day 6

07 July 2015

Region: London

Tomorrow is Bleeding London Eve where we’ll be previewing and partying ahead of the exhibition.  And all our events are going ahead as planned, despite the tube strike.  Thank you to all those that have emailed us with the heads-up, but we’re not going to let it spoil our celebrations.  For those not quite sure about alternative transport options, Judy has prepared a comprehensive guide to getting to and from City Hall/The Brigade, which is downloadable from here as a pdf.  And if all else fails, we’ll walk home – after all, we’ve walked every street between us, so we can manage a few more!

 Today’s main blog feature has been provided by Ilya Fisher (who’ll be back later in the week with the latest instalment from her RPS/OU course blog), whom many of you have met virtually if you’ve emailed

“I love the whole Bleeding London concept. It’s brilliant. And so a few days ago it dawned on me that I have to read the book. I can’t be so involved in the whole thing but ignore the core of it.

Bleeding London by Geoff Nicholson is the Whitbread short-listed book we have all probably heard about by now, in which one of the main characters, Stuart London, walks every street of London and which was the inspiration, when read by RPS London organiser Del Barrett, for the BL photographic project.

I got my camera towards the end of the BL project and for me the project was hugely influential in developing my photography skills and ‘eye’. A treasure hunt to find the ‘best’ shot in each street, whether a leaf detail or row of front doors. The large number of images gave a concentrated opportunity to discover what I was capable of and develop my composition skills. I know this is also true for so many other Londoners.  The Bleeding London project has drawn in and inspired many aspiring photographers. And is a part of my reason for joining the RPS.

So, it seemed time to read the book that started this all off.  A quarter of the way through; it’s great fun, part love story to London, it’s also got, so far, a fair bit of sex, a witty revenge story, an assortment of intriguing characters and it’s easy to read. I intend to finish it by Wednesday before meeting the author. Have you got a copy yet?”

Copies (electronic and paperback) available via Amazon and if you use the link on the front page of the Bleeding London website, it raises a few pennies for the London Region as well! 

Image © Roger Kelly