The Story Behind the Image - from Lorraine

20 July 2015

Region: London

My image was taken in a small village up  in the Atlas Mountains.

Morocco is a difficult place to take photographs of people as pointing a camera at someone can lead to offence.  So visiting this village where most of the inhabitants were happy to be photographed was a refreshing change.
As I walked through the village, everyone was happy and enjoying the chance to have their photograph taken or practice their English, until I reached this lady!  As you can see she did not want to show her face, but she wanted me  to take her photograph!  So with her face covered I took a couple of shots and under the cover she stayed until I started to walk away, when she came out and called me back.   Back I went in the hope of getting a shot of her wonderful face which was full of character but no such luck she wanted to see her image and show her daughters .  As they passed the camera around there were great screams of laughter from everyone, which was wonderful to see.   This is an image filled with fond memories of a moment in time when I was able to share my images with a family who lived a simple life high up in the Atlas Mountains.