Meet the London Team: Penny

16 June 2015

Region: London

I'm a founder member of London Naturally... a micro-group of London Royal Photographic Society.  
My passion is wildlife and nature photography.  I have dabbled in portraiture, some commercial work, some agricultural photography and I've photographed a fair few weddings.  I find the process of 'being in the moment' and seeing and creating a gorgeous image to be addictive and something that I want to continue to get better and better at.  I always want to capture the next bit of gorgeous light, a bit of extraordinary behaviour or an expression, the next view, the next moment...
London is the most amazing place for photography. It’s a fantastic resource and lends itself to urban and street photography, to cityscapes and digital imaging, to documentary and visual journalism, to historical and visual art… but perhaps it’s not such an obvious resource for those of us who are keen on nature and wildlife.  But, vast areas of London are parks, cemeteries or nature reserves.  We have gardens, window boxes, allotments and reservoirs.  We have river beaches and roundabouts, central reservations and statues, woods and trees.  We are surrounded by green belt and increasing numbers of parks are recognising the importance of creating natural spaces.  London is full of plant, insect and wildlife that jostles to share this crowded urban environment with us.
So why are we telling you all this?  We are hoping to find some other folk who want to join in with some photographic fun and games in and around London.  
What do we do?  We talk photography, we have a special link with London Wildlife Trust, and we visit some of London's many wildlife hotspots, visit exhibitions, share our favourite images.  We contribute to the London RPS blog, invite professional wildlife photographers to inspire us and we set up photo opportunities that are both in or around London.   
If you live, visit or work in London and you’re keen on nature and wildlife photography, please get in touch via or visit our facebook page called ‘London, Naturally’ and give us a ‘like’. You can also follow us on Twitter on @LondonNaturally
It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, just as long as you are enthusiastic.  You don't have to have a fancy camera or long lens … just a passion for 'London-naturally’
Penny Dixie ARPS