Blog from BVExpo

02 March 2015

Region: London

The BVExpo at the Excel centre in London’s Docklands showcases broadcast video equipment from cameras to satellite comms trucks.

John Tarby (right), experienced broadcast cameraman with decades wielding film and video cams, and Mark Percival (left) aspiring documentary videographer with just the Tarby basic training under his belt, drooled excitedly over 3 days of inspiring seminars and new equipment.  These are some personal highlights.

Seminars were running continuously on multiple stages throughout.  In a panel discussion about how to make money from web content, Sam Bancroft of Bancroft TV (far left), questioned by Mark Percival said (paraphrasing) that, of the huge volume of money-making web content, the trend was towards requiring better photographic quality.  Determining value on content alone would wane.  Higher image quality and cinematic skills with similar content would command the attention.

Seminars on ultra-high-definition video revealed that 4k and 8k source files were now being used in early post production and zoomed into to extract HD.  The content you see in the camera is not necessarily the content that is finally used.  Film editing spliced in time sequences.  Now there is scope for temporal and spatial editing.   If this seems a trend waiting to take off, similar opportunities in still imaging are epitomised by the Lytro 4D camera technology (left, below) with developments progressing to apply the technology to movies.  This may present a challenge to distinction panels in the future.

There was plenty of more traditional equipment.  The GoPro action camera now sports its own steadycam-style stabiliser (right, above) to lend a gliding quality to GoPro’s HD or 4K output. Something for the slopes?  Although there were myriad professional rigs to play with – something John Tarby was well able to do, the consumer-level DSLR and compact cameras were also on show with attachments and serious movie-making tools to go with it.

BVExpo is the movie-makers’ show that along with the Photography Show at NEC in March with its focus on still imaging, together give a comprehensive view of equipment trends across the photography spectrum.

Words &  images © Mark Percival LRPS