First BL’er through the 3,000 mark

14 March 2015

Region: London

Chris Mansfield is the first Bleeding Londoner to crack 3,000 streets for the project – a truly amazing achievement!  Well done Chris!

We caught up with Chris and asked him about his Bleeding London experience.

I am amazed that I took the lead at all .  It was quite late in the proceedings when I found the Bleeding London project.

I was originally going to just upload a few bits and pieces from my local area.

However once I started I realised this was a good way of getting some much needed exercise.  I am retired from full time work and now just do a little part time photography for the Royal borough of Greenwich.  I try to go off on a "streets" expedition at least twice a week and have lost a stone in weight over the past six months.

My usual routine is to plan ahead and mark my streets in the A to Z with a highlighter pen,  then take the Train, DLR or car to my chosen area and start walking ..  On a good day I can get 40 or 50 done ..  bad days, about 20 .

The worst areas to do are modern suburbs where every street looks the same as the one before, it's so boring !!

I do find at least once a week that I get approached by people who seem concerned that I am taking pictures of their street.  I have a few stock answers ready .........  "It's ok, I am just taking a couple of shots for the local estate agents, someone is selling up down the road "

A full explanation would take too long and I doubt many non photographers have heard of the RPS.

Lately I have taken to wearing a police style jumper with a couple of lanyards round my neck and a security badge ....  by now I  look a bit like a traffic warden and people tend not to approach me :-)  

Lastly, a not so happy anecdote ......  Yesterday I was passing a primary school and saw a tennis ball come over the fence ,  so being a good old geezer I crossed the road, picked it up tossed it back over the fence.  I turned away and immediately stumbled on the kerb edge and went down like a sack of spuds ... Camera hit the deck and I hit the camera!!  The main impact was taken by the front edge of my 28-300 Nikkor which now has a crack and a dent where the filters screw on :-(   Fortunately it is still functional and the D800 Camera body was unscathed.’


Images © Chris Mansfield

See more of Chris's work on his website.

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Raju Sinha
15 March 2015

To capture London streets had been a challenging one. I must say great shoots has been captured. I liked what I saw. Thank you.

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