Home thoughts from a camera 3

17 March 2015

Region: London

Mark Percival LRPS reports on last Saturday's London, Street workshop at Camden Market.

Despite the wind blowing from Siberia, about a dozen intrepid photographers braved the Camden streets in North London to enjoy another RPS street workshop run by Norman Smith LRPS.

The cold climate did nothing to diminish the crowds, just delayed them slightly.  By 1pm the place was heaving.  Food sellers were doing a roaring trade.  Sales of chilli-related hot stuff was particularly buoyant.

The workshop had attracted people from far and wide including an aspiring videographer who should get out more (me) and a young photographer originally from Chile who had travelled down by coach from Liverpool the day before (interviewed on the blog video).  Workshop friends enjoyed their experience as they testified on the video.

My video blog from the event is here

One universal message, if there is one from this workshop is practice, practice, practice as was eloquently said by one participant.  The only drawback in making a video blog is that it takes away from the time available scouting for compelling subjects in this eccentric place.  My next task is to timetable a visit particularly to photograph people with piercings, or face scaffolding as I prefer to think of it.  Anyone for nose pins…?