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02 May 2015

Region: London

Marathon Man

by Norman Smith LRPS

This is my image from this year’s London Marathon and the story behind it.

It shows the Marathon as it dips down then climbs up Hill Reach, one of the few hills on the entire route, after it has passed my house. Therein lies the clue to my tale. It is the back of the marathon because I am pleased to see the back of it for another year! This was the 35th event,  and the 35th time I anticipated getting rubbish pics!


I have photographed something of the marathon every year since its inception. I have tried different locations but most years since 1986, after I moved to my present address, I have been ‘marathon bound’ as my house is on the route! Not just on the route but encircled by both the two outward bound routes for serious runners and fun runners before they meet up at Woolwich; then to the North by the whole entourage running back towards Greenwich. My roads close at 7am so at that point I am landlocked! Coupled with the fact that my inventiveness for photographing the marathon waned many years ago I am reduced to the same pics every year as it passes my house. So here we are again this year, a bit of motion blur, a bit of camaraderie between the runners and the spectators, a few funny suits, the rhinos (always the blessed rhinos) and then it is over for another year.  Except I am stuck waiting until 2pm for the road to open before I can get out anywhere at all.

I am only semi-serious, of course, because part of the challenge is to see what you can make that’s different out of the same situation. It’s just that I rarely succeed. Thankfully the rain held off but the chill didn’t, so I was soon back indoors with a hot tea and a sit down to see the finish on TV. Watching all this effort is exhausting!

With a feeling of disappointment as another year passes, that is why I am pleased to see the back of the Marathon.

Image © Norman Smith LRPS

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Emily Mathisen
07 May 2015

Ahhh I feel your pain Norman! I had exactly the same experience when the Olympic torch went past my road!

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Raju Sinha
03 May 2015

London Marathon well captured, Fast and Furious!

I like it.

Well done.

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