Urban Deer

13 May 2015

Region: London

Urban Deer

The London Blogger was staggered to discover this week, that 47% of London is green space.  And, of course, where there’s green space, there’s natural history.   I caught up with Penny Dixie ARPS earlier this week, who has changed her view of fallow deer since spending some time with Jamie Hall.  I enjoyed looking through Penny’s pictures – and what’s more, I learned that ‘fallow deer’ is actually a species (dama dama) and not simply a deer that isn’t pregnant.

“Who knew that fallow deer come out at night in London and mow front lawns and grassy verges?!   Dare I say that I was never very keen on fallow deer before this night?  They always look like creatures of municipal parks and enclosures to me... but not this lot!  Wild fallow deer at night... love 'em.”  (Penny).  

See more of Penny's deer on her blog.

If you’d like to see more of Jamie’s work and understand how important photography is for conservation, join members of London, Naturally at our Conservation through Photography event on the 28th May.

Image © Penny Dixie ARPS

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13 May 2015

What a beautifull setting!

A picturesque scene.

I want to buy the picture/

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