CEW: The Way It Is

11 November 2015

Region: London

Pop up Exhibition “The Way It Is” held in Teddington Library as part of Capital Exposure Week

 “…. Beautiful and thought provoking images”  - just one of the comments received about the Pop-up Exhibition staged by five photographers at the Teddington Library as part of Capital Exposure Week.   Four RPS Members, four Hampton Hill PS Members, four guys and a gal – split it which way you will!– let’s just say that five friends came together to spread the idea of CEW across to the far reaches of SW London.  The photographers were Geoffrey Beer, Rick Goldstein, Roger Towell ARPS, David Hicks and Judy Hicks LRPS.  Each submitted four photos, of a theme of their own choice. 

For those who did not see the Show, here are a few images and a few words about the photographers
Geoff’s journey into photography started by taking pictures of his children at their sporting activities and even now that they have grown up he still takes photos for the Royal Canoe Club Teddington at events over the country.  Now working as a semi-professional, he has exhibited in London, Lyme Regis and Barcelona.  To quote Geoff:  “this journey never stops, it just carries on”.  This picture is of Rob and is called “Hampton Hill Barber”. 



Rick is also a semi professional photographer – and approaches all his work with a gentle form of humour – as you will see from his image “Sweet Cheesus”.   Rick tells us that he started taking pictures with a Kodak instamatic around the age of 10 although most of the photos were out of focus, which brought attention to his parents that he needed glasses!  He describes himself as “a former McDonald’s chef, now making a go at photography.  A man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery”.


Roger has been taking pictures for about 35 years initially on monochrome film, processing negatives and printing himself, then moving onto slides using a Yashica camera, but long since using a digital Nikon cameral and Photoshop. Roger has taken City & Guilds and BTEC courses in Richmond.  He is a member of Richmond and Twickenham PS as well as the RPS.  Roger enjoys Street, Urban and Cityscape photography and exhibited in three Exhibitions this week – Street, Urbanicity and “The Way It Is” in Teddington.  The image we have chosen to illustrate Roger’s work has been successful in Club Competition and we think it is pretty stunning.

David started taking pictures while at university and his photography has historically been based on travel and recording the many adventures with Judy.  Until the digital era he was a prolific slide photographer but now is a committed digital photographer and Nikon user.  His ambition is to become a better photographer – but I think this picture taken in Essouria captures the essence of companionship in the late afternoon sun pretty well, don’t you?

Seeking new challenges, Judy joined the RPS and achieved her “L” – helped enormously by taking several thousand pictures during the BL project.  Also a dedicated Nikon user, she is now casting around to find a unique style – and as a departure from the single image in previous exhibitions, she produced three diptychs and one triptych for this Exhibition from images taken while on holiday in Italy earlier in the year

Thanks so much to all of you who took part and made this a stunning little Pop-up Exhibition.  Many comments were received by Library users about how much they enjoyed it – and Hampton Hill PS will be holding their Annual Exhibition at the Library in February – so if you missed our work this week, come along in February and see some more….