Lorraine’s Moroccan Adventure: Part 1

27 November 2015

Region: London

This was the longest four hours of my life.  

We were a group of ladies on a Photographic Holiday in Morocco, this in itself was challenge as pointing a camera at some people could lead into being reprimanded very loudly!  You learn fast to shoot from the hip but I have to admit some of the shots I got did not include people!

Anyway, part of the holiday was a four hour camel ride into the desert to stay overnight in a Bedouin camp to shoot sunrise in the dunes.  We all managed to stay on the camel expect for an American lady, who joined the trek with her husband.  And believe me, falling off a camel - or in her case going over his head whilst he was getting down - gives a very loud bang when you hit the sand.  I am pleased to say that the lady was fine expect for her pride being hurt.  We had a wonderful Camel Man to keep us all in check and even asked to take some of the shots for us...

After gripping on the camel for four hours holding on to our camera equipment and our toothbrushes we did eventually arrive at the camp.  The camp was another experience not to be missed but that’s tomorrow’s story.  By the way those that know me can you spot me?

Image © Lorraine Grey LRPS

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27 November 2015

Yes! You've been spotted. Sounds a wonderful adventure, looking forward to the next installment.

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