Lorraine’s Moroccan Adventure: Part 2

28 November 2015

Region: London

 We arrived at the camp feeling rather battered, minus my sunglasses as they seem to have flown off my head during one of my descents from the camel.  Getting off a camel is not an easy task whilst holding onto to your camera bag, tripod and toothbrush.  The art, apparently, is to lean back when the camel is going down onto their front legs. Not an art I tried to perfect!

Arriving at the camp we were hot, tired and stiff in parts I never knew existed.  We thought dinner would await us as it was included in the cost but no signs of tables laid etc.    In desperation to know what was going on the American chap was sent to check on the kitchen as we were all extremely hungry.  Eventually he came back with an answer that made our mouths drop - the ‘Camel Man’ was cutting up the beef so dinner could be a while.  We all prayed that the beef being cooked on a camping gas would be edible.


No wine available so nothing left to do but wait for dinner.  I passed the time exploring the camp and looking for toilets.   On the edge of the camp I found a group of Moroccans who had crossed the desert in a four wheel drive, now why had we not done that?  I returned to our group to inform them that on my travels I had smelt wine and I thought the Moroccans had brought their own.  Our French speaking Canadian was pulled out of her seat to ask the Moroccans if they had any wine they could sell us.  She protested a little with “I don’t drink’ but we only needed her to speak French.    Off we went to return with a bottle of wine generously given to us by our new friends.

Dinner turned out to be superb and the best meal of the whole holiday so well done ‘Camel Man’.  Bedtime arrived and as you can see the tent was basic, the bed was rock hard and the pillow even harder.  I had no idea how I was going to get down or get up if required during the night.  It was cold and not the best experience ever but we have to suffer for our art so a very early rise the next morning.

Image © Lorraine Grey LRPS