Lorraine’s Moroccan Adventure: Part 3

29 November 2015

Region: London

After a night on the rock hard bed and the rock hard pillow, and being so cold that I had to keep my clothes on, I was up way before dawn.

No sign of the Camel Man who was supposed to get everyone up so no 'mint tea’ to wake me up, thank goodness. No sign of anyone else getting ready to climb the sand dunes!  Did I wait for others to rise?  No I did not off I went with Alison, my camera buddy and good friend, to find the best spot.

Now for the fun part, but little did I realise I would not be able to get up the dunes.   Alison came back, forced my bag off my back and put it on hers; holding out her tripod shouting “hold on” I was then manhandled up the dunes. 

The sight before me was amazing, virgin sand with ripples and even camels provided for the guests to photograph.   The sun was rising and we were all ready but looking to my right I spie someone walking into my shot but a little way off, I was ready to shoot someone and not with my camera!

In the end it all worked out, the sun came up and the sight was amazing.  I got my shot which I think was worth all the pain but you decide.  Now all was left was the four hour camel ride back to civilisation.

The end of my adventure.  Next week I am off to India with Alison so who knows what story may come out our trip...

Image © Lorraine Grey LRPS

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Emily Mathisen
30 November 2015

I think that is a fantastic picture Lorraine! I love the texture and that the foreground and background are light while the middle ground is deep in shade. I also think the camel train is a nice finishing touch. Thanks for sharing it.

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