Only 82 Days Until Christmas

03 October 2015

Region: London

With only 82 days left until Christmas, RPS London continues with its suggestions for the ultimate Christmas stocking.  Today's recommendation is Standard Time.

We’ve found this incredibly hypnotic DVD with a running time of 24 hours.  And unlike Jack Bauer’s 24, Standard Time has no commercial breaks and so it really does run in real time.

Words don’t do justice to this beautifully crafted film and so we suggest watching the free three-minute clip as a taster.  


“Standard Time is a performance lasting exactly 24 hours and recorded on film. However, this film is much more than just the recording of an action, the recording of something that has taken place in the past; it is also a clock. A clock for use right now and in the future which, as each day goes by, extends further into the past, but is still up-to-date and punctual”. (Mark Formanek, Standard Time Artist)

This is not the sort of DVD that is going to replace the Downton Abbey Christmas Special, but as something running in the background, or as a clock or a screensaver, it is totally hypnotic and very soothing.  

Image © Standard Time; screenshot from website (

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