Well done the Dusk-Til-Dawners

11 October 2015

Region: London

From Del:  "Thanks to all fourteen who took part and made the night one of laughs, fun and (hopefully) cracking images.  But particular thanks to the seven, who completed the whole fourteen hours with me  -  Dee, Jonathan, Naz, Pedro, Penny, Steve and Tunde." 

We’ll be bringing you lots of pictures in our November issue of Capital Interest, together with the full story of our journey across London.

Keep an eye on our events pages, as there were a number of ideas for night outings, that came out of the adventure, which we’ll be undertaking next year, including the night bus to one London's most popular destinations.

In the meantime, our next night shoot is on Halloween – details here


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Steve Oakes
11 October 2015

Great event, Del. London at night and very busy. Thanks to Naz for not loosing me.

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