First Tuesday Update

20 September 2015

Region: London

Following on from the interest expressed in the Special Interest Groups, we had a presentation from Norman Smith on the RPS London Street micro group. Micro group, partly because, being London Region, we take our inspiration from the great city we have before us and to be a SIG requires more of a national focus.

This group has been in place for nearly 18 months and in that time has managed to visit many locations within London that have ranged from the iconic to the comic. Around 16 sessions have been held all of which have involved an area of London that has something to offer the ‘street photographer’.

Street photography as a genre is on the increase and this micro group seeks to satisfy some of the demand that we see within the RPS.  Norman started with an overview of the history of street photography, not defined as such by the early practitioners, and went on to offer some links to current sources of information as well as displaying some of the images from several of the street workshop sessions.

The evening was rounded off by a short knowledge sharing discussion on book production, led by Jim McCabe in which people showed examples they had produced of holiday images and of projects. A subject we will return to in more depth.

Please look out for the next First Tuesday event on 6th October, when we've been invited to join members of The City of London and Cripplegate Photographic Society for an evening with Simone Sbaraglia, winner of the ZLS wildlife competition.

Image © Norman Smith LRPS