Pimlico under the lens

16 September 2015

Region: London

Pimlico under the lens

Dateline Monday 14th September.  Pimlico was under the lens tonight for the 1st of 3 sessions with John Tarby FRPS.  "Cine basics" is not a sit and listen event.  About half of the two-hour session was spent out with handy cams visiting (or revisiting) the fundamental building blocks of Cine/Video-making.  Our session 1 discussion included panning, crabbing, jibing, longshots, medium shots and, every little helps, how to make a "steady cam" out of a plastic bag.

This course is learning by doing, without being bogged down in technology.

After each short assignment we reviewed our clips, projected on a large screen.  Projection is an exercise in amplifying areas for improvement: unsteady cameras, uncertain panning, having a tilt without a clear end, and so it goes on.  However, we all had cinematographers’ eyes, in our own style, by the end of session 1.

Session 2, next week, gives the scope to start to make sequences with continuity.  This is where it really gets exciting.  There are still spaces available on each of the next 2 sessions.  If you missed the first one there is scope for catching up next week.  Book for Mr Tarby’s Cine Basics on the RPS events pages.

Mark Percival LRPS. 

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