Psephocracy, Democracy and McSophistry

10 September 2015

Region: London

I take a picture every day – it’s become something of an addiction.  After a few years, I’d worked my way through the alphabet, the colour spectrum, numbers and all sorts of other lists but felt I wanted something more challenging, so I decided to try and populate the Word of the Day as published by the Oxford English Dictionary.  This is terrific fun as I often have to think outside the box, particularly when the word is nebulous or relates to a mythical place.  It’s also very useful for blogging purposes as I hate sharing anything about my personal life, whereas I can witter on about words ad infinitum. And since I’ve been following the OED, I have plenty more words in my wittering arsenal.

This pic was crafted on May 8th – the day after the General Election – when the word was Psephocracy, meaning: ‘The form of government which results from the election of representatives by ballot; the system of government by elected representatives.’ (OED).  

And today’s challenge is to find a picture for Mamlambo:  ’In Zulu mythology: a female water spirit, usually in the form of a snake or a woman, requiring sacrifice (often of human life) in return for her favour.’ (OED)  Hmmm ….

If anyone else cares to join in, post your Mamlambo interpretation (or a link to it) in the comments box below. 

Image © Del Barrett ARPS

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