Story Behind the Image - Alex

29 September 2015

Region: London

Before I even begin to write about this image, I have to confess it isn't my image. It sort of is, but it isn’t. Let me explain:

I went along to a free studio shoot run by Olympus - the usual sort of thing, with an Olympus ambassador (I was shooting using an Olympus camera - although I have other cameras too) and it looked a fun way to spend a couple of hours not far from home.

We began by having a coffee of course, then taking meter readings (light, not gas or electric) and building up the lights one by one (layering, I think they call it) until it looked pretty cool. The model had been professionally made up and we were good to go.

I lent my camera to my son (who is 9 and who wanted to have a go) and borrowed a brand spanking new Olympus camera (a something something mark 2) and lens 75mm.

We shot away and afterwards I discovered that the camera I had borrowed was so new that there is no Adobe Camera Raw software to support it yet and I have no images to process (I will just wait till the software updates come out) but my own camera had a number of useable shots taken by Alex, my son for whom this was the first time in a studio.

So technically he pressed the shutter and captured this image and I am super proud of him for directing a model and generally getting on with it all. But I am his dad and it’s my camera and I paid  for the car park so I think we share the glory on this one.

Image ©:  Alex Hoffman (and Dad)


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Emily Mathisen
29 September 2015

Thank you for sharing that story Alex - I laughed out loud when I read it! I had a similar problem recently - I was teaching a 7 year old how to photograph cars the other day and while all my pictures of the same subject were shockingly bad, she took a photograph that I can only say is one of the best car photographs I have ever seen - I was gutted and proud of her all at once!

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