The Monday Muse Week 2

07 September 2015

Region: London

The Monday Muse Week 2

The second weekly amusement from RPS London.

The selfie trend continues unabated and so this week, we’re asking the Monday Musers to hop on the bandwagon and take a selfie.

But before anyone cries that selfies are only for narcissistic teenagers on Facebook, let us point you in the direction of Leica Myself.  And look how many of the greats took selfies when they were known as self-portraits …

So get creative, be imaginative and show us your selfie. 

If you’re looking for some tips on getting an how to shoot a selfie, there are plenty of sites on the internet, such as those from and, but our absolute favourite is from 500px.  Utterly awesome.

Image:  Selfie stick © Chris Mansfield

Monday Muse Info

As the inspirational ideas we posted as part of the Bleeding London project proved to be so popular, we’re going to continue the theme with The Monday Muse.  Every Monday, we’ll be posting an inspirational idea for the week, with links to tips and suggestions on how to achieve the best images.  We’ll be featuring our favourites here on the blog and in our monthly eZine Capital Interest.  And just to add a bit of competition, we’ll be running a points league.  There is one point for posting an image and there will be occasional bonus points.  At the end of the year, whoever has the most points will receive a gift voucher to spend in the RPS shop. 

What to do next


Take your selfie image

EITHER upload it to an album in the RPS galleries and send the link to  

OR post the image (or a link to it) to the RPS London group on Facebook

OR tweet it (@ The_RPSLonfon; hashtag #rpsmuse)

OR upload to Instagram (hashtag #rpsmuse)


Small Print

Images must be taken after the topic has been announced.  By submitting to The Monday Muse, you agree that we can use your images on the RPS website and in RPS publications.  Copyright remains with the photographer.  Full accreditation will be given.