A Breathing London Evening with Robert Canis in Hyde Park

26 April 2016

Region: London

A group of eight Breathing Londoners met up with acclaimed wildlife photographer Robert Canis for an evening workshop in Hyde Park last Thursday.

Although it was quite overcast, the evening sun shone through breaks in the cloud casting a lovely sheen on the water when we reached the Serpentine. Here Robert gave us some introductory tips: look for detail rather than taking wide landscape images, try to capture interesting behaviour rather than just taking record shots of the birds. He then moved among the group giving individual advice while we made our way slowly along the lake.

There was a wide variety of waterfowl for us to photograph including geese (and some fluffy goslings), swans and herons. We were treated to a spectacular fight between two Egyptian geese; quite a challenge to try to capture the flurry of feathers and spray as they thrashed at each other in the water.

As we continued our walk through the park we came across a squirrel amid bluebells – so reminiscent of the photo that accompanied Robert’s Breathing London April blog that we started to wonder whether he had brought it along to pose for us.

Dusk was falling by the time we reached the end of the walk in the Italian Gardens.  But still light enough to capture details of sculpture and reflections in the ponds before heading home after an excellent evening.

This was the first of four workshops Robert will be leading for Breathing London during the course of the project. Look out for the next one if you’d like to improve your wildlife and nature photography. Highly recommended.

Some of the pictures taken by workshop participants can be seen in the Breathing London flickr group.

Breathing London is an RPS London Region project aimed at capturing the diversity of London’s green spaces during 2016. To find out more about project and sign up to join in go to our website.

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I’m breathing London, are you?

Jen Pedler

Accompanying image: Egyptian Goose in Hyde Park © Jen Pedler