Enrich the lives of travellers, tourists, workers and bees

22 January 2016

Region: London

The Bee Friendly Trust is working with local communities to install planters full of beautiful bee friendly flowers on railway and surface tube station in London. Each station is provided with large planters made from railway sleepers which are stocked with a wide variety of flowers, shrubs and bulbs to ensure year round pleasure for pollinators and commuters. Travellers are encouraged to help maintain the planters by dead-heading, weeding and donating. As the project develops the Trust will be creating a pollinator pathway along the rail tracks of London, enriching the ecology and biodiversity of the city and enriching the lives of travellers, tourists, workers, and bees.

For more information see here:  https://www.nationalfundingscheme.org/the-bee-friendly-trust#.Vp6GldKtMkA

Thank you, John Kelly, for finding this little gem.  Maybe other Breathing Londoners can find more of the Trust's boxes and track their progress during the year?


Image - Bee Friendly Trust Garden Box, East Putney © John Kelly LRPS CPAGB