29 January 2016

Region: London

Still in it’s infancy, Breathing London is already leading your Blogger to new spaces and places! 

An  unseasonal sunny day, and a walk along the Thames Path at Wapping leads to a set of steps down to a sandy beach.  We are not alone!   Are those photographers signed up to Breathing London ? 

Sadly they have moved on before we can ask them!  But this experience caused us to do some research.  

Do you know how the Thames foreshore by Gabriel’s Wharf got it’s name – see here to find out about how local Waterloo resident and community activist John Hearn MBE (known as Ernie) became a tireless campaigner to save the foreshore.

Did you know that Tower Beach in front of the Tower of London is open to the public for one day each year? You blogger couldn't find the date fo 2016 yet, but you might be interested in reading more in this extract from Caitlin Davies recent book  here

Did you know that “Mudlarking” was a recognized occupation until the early 20th century;  during the 18th and 19th centuries, many of London’s poor would search the riverbanks for trinkets that had been dropped in the water and cargo that had fallen from passing boats.  To find out more about modern day Mudlarking, what is and what is not allowed, see here

Just a few of interesting and perhaps lesser known ideas to follow up.

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