June Competition "The Essence of Place" Extended

04 July 2016

Region: London

The June competition “Essence of Place” has been extended until the end of July to give people more time to get their entries prepared and submitted.

In this competition we are looking for images which not only take the photographer back to the place they visited but share their experience of that place with you, the viewer. 

In Robert Canis' Blog (image above), he shows us wild orchids growing in the rough grass beside a woodland track:  you can see (or assume) from the picture that the orchids are in sunlight, or in any case receive a great deal of light and that they are protected by the taller vegetation around them.   It gives you a sense of their natural environment.

In a different way, Penny Dixie’s image of Woodberry Wetlands shows us people working amongst reed beds with large blocks of flats behind.  It doesn’t immediately tell us it is London, but we can “feel” what the place is like from this image.




Likewise, Neil Cordell’s photograph taken in Tower Hamlet’s Nomadic Gardens shows the physical place and the people but it also picks up the atmosphere and shows the contrast between the simplicity of lifestyle in the one and the assumed complexity which lies behind “glass and chrome” city skyscraper in the distance.




I hope this has helped to clarify what the judges might be looking for and give you some ideas to work with.


Conditions of Entry

Images for entry into this competition must be taken between 1st June and 31st July 2016 and uploaded by 5th August. 

Each entrant may enter two images if they wish.

The competition will be judged by Roger Canis, whose decision is final. 

The prize for this competition will be a choice of:

  1. Single membership for one year to the Photographers’ Gallery, or
  2. Books from the Photogaphers’ Gallery to that value, currently £40.


Judy Hicks: Joint Co-ordinator, Breathing London