Keep it London

16 July 2016

Region: London

“A photography exhibition produced by Historic England of 60 iconic, pioneering, creative and fascinating Londoners representing our City at a moment of fundamental change”.

This Exhibition is part of Historic England’s Keep it London campaign, a campaign to get Londoners to notice, celebrate and speak up for the heritage of their City.  The Exhibition reflects the diverse and multi-layered story of London, its people and the historic places that bear witness to the city’s past, present and and future.  From the Dean of St Paul’s in the stunning Cathedral Library to “unsung Londoners”, each person’s particular London story is bound up in the place he or she has chosen, showing that the city’s heritage can be both inspirational and humbling. 

Images were all taken over a period of six weeks by Historic England photographer Chris Redgrave.  First and foremost, Chris is an architectural photographer who has photographed historic buildings for listing cases, public art for Historic England’s recent exhibition Out There at Somerset House and produced extensive architectural photography for The Survey of London books published by Yale.   Inter alia, his work has appeared in The Architects’ Journal, The Guardian and The Observer so this challenge was somewhat out of the ordinary for Chris.    

I thoroughly enjoyed this Exhibition and recommend a detour if you are in the King’s Cross Area . The Exhibition, which is on display in the Window Galleries 3 & 4 of Central Saint Martins, Granary Buliding, King’s Cross, runs until 4 September 2016:   more details here.

Judy Hicks

Image / logo ©Historic England