A Breathing London Evening with Robert Canis in Battersea Park

20 June 2016

Region: London

We'd hardly started the evening photography walk through Battersea Park (with award winning photographer Robert Canis), when we came upon herons waiting patiently by the lake. The instinct was to get in close but Robert counselled us to show the environment of the birds; to use the fence they were perched on as lead lines to guide the eye.

Of course there were formal hard-edged park  flower beds: Robert suggested getting down low. This gave the chance for a Hitchcock like photo with Robert walking by.





At the fountains he said "try swinging the camera" and we did and were rewarded with abstract images.







The Festival of Britain gardens have been restored to their original look - this is a record shot and Robert cannot be blamed !






Finally we reached the Pagoda, right by the Thames, and Robert's advice was to "pick out a detail" and we did of this gorgeous resting golden figure.






It was time to stop, but on the way to the pub the lights on the Albert Bridge switched on and we were rewarded with views of the prettiest bridge on the Thames.






Robert Canis is the nicest of people but once in a while he asks to take over one's camera and he takes a photo and shows the result on the back screen. "Why didn't I think of that?" is the thought that follows and a few seconds later "Could I enter that image in a competition?" It's obvious why Robert wins prizes. Lovely evening enjoyed by all.



All images © Gareth Phillips