Keeping an open mind….

23 June 2016

Region: London

Sometimes obligations arise, which mean we do something or go places “for the greater good” which we would not normally choose to do, or even have heard of!   In my case, as Co-coordinator with Jen of the Breathing London Project, I attended the Annual Summer Lecture of the London Parks & Gardens Trust (LPGT) last night.  The Keynote speaker was David Lambert of The Parks Agency, a not-for-profit organisation whose objective is to save parks from development, protect them through the planning system and to improve them through various grant schemes and other initiatives.   

To use the precis used to announce David’s talk:  “Five years of budget cuts in the name of austerity have put unprecedented pressure on local services, and parks are especially vulnerable”.  As I listened to him, I realised just how timely our project Breathing London Project is and how important the record we are building may be for the future.

You might like to look at the Parks Agency website, where some of their recent projects are shown.  Listed (among others) are Bishops Park and Fulham Palace, Brockwell Park and, much-loved by Breathing Londoners,  Victoria Park .

The other thing I learned is that as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2016 there is an Exhibition running from 23 June to 29 July entitled “Lenses on a Landscape Genius” .  In this Exhibition, a number of leading photographers explore and celebrate the work of “Capability” Brown, as part of the celebrations marking 300 years since his birth.   I managed to grab a ticket for a session with Joe Cornish on Monday 27 June – maybe of interest to some of you as well?

Finally, just a note that the London Parks & Gardens Trust has a great database “by borough” .  Although some of the places listed in this archive are private, many are public and you might be interested in visiting them as part of Breathing London!


Image:  Tower Hamlets, Victoria Park, Bridge to the Pagoda restored in 2010 © Judy Hicks LRPS