Welcome to the World of Anderson & Low

25 June 2016

Region: London

London members, Anderson & Low Hon FRPS are currently in Berlin for the opening of their fabulous new show “Welcome to the World of Anderson & Low”.

This is a truly massive exhibition, including 120 prints from eight different bodies of the duo’s work. There is therefore huge stylistic diversity, which is very much a part of their modus operandi.  Those who attended their talk last year know that as they start a new project, Jonathan and Edwin look for a visual language to express what it is that they want to convey in the images. There are recurrent themes that run through the show, whether to do with perception, or fantasy versus reality, or pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a photograph or a portrait. And there is recurrent formalism and rigor in concept and in image construction, allied to a real care in the final printing (which is, ultimately, the final means of expression for these images).

The exhibition runs until the 27th August.  Further details here.

CWC Gallery, Auguststrasse 11-13, Berlin, 10117, Germany

Image:  Secret Room, Tangier Hotel, from the project On the Set of James Bond’s Spectre © Anderson & Low; all rights reserved.