The Monday Muse Week 28: Street Photography by Night

14 March 2016

Region: London

This week’s muse is “Nighttime Street Photography” set by our guest muse, street photographer Gagan Singh Sadana.

You might be familiar with street photography, and also agree that a photograph of a street is not street photography, it is about people. This week, I would like to challenge you to go out, find a night scene and capture photographs using only the available light. The photograph above was captured at King's Cross Station in London. A group of people were admiring an installation, just outside the station. I was there only for a minute or so and had to wait for the right moment, so that there was no overlap. Time is the essence, so you have to be prepared and for me preparation is to only have one camera and one lens. Carrying a range of lenses and cameras will only create confusion in your mind, and you might lose essential time thinking of which camera and lens to use and by the time you decide, the scene could completely change.   Street photography at night time opens up great opportunities so let's go out and find those opportunities. Remember, that people should be the part of the story.    

And if you are visiting The Photography Show, then why not came and say hello to me at the Panasonic stand. 

About Gagan Singh Sadana

Gagan Sadana is a Street Photographer, a Panasonic Europe Ambassador and a member of Street Photography International.

He is doing a talk on Candid Street Photography at The Photography Show 2016 on 21st March.

You can visit his website and follow him on Twitter


Image © Gagan Singh Sadana

The Monday Muse is an ongoing initiative.  There are no deadlines and you don’t have to take the photographs in the week that the Muse is set.  Once you’ve set up your album, you can add to it any time.  A list of previous Muses can be found here. You don’t have to be a member of the London Region to participate - all-comers welcome!

Monday Muse Info

As the inspirational ideas we posted as part of the Bleeding London project proved to be so popular, we’re going to continue the theme with The Monday Muse.  Every Monday, we’ll be posting an inspirational idea for the week, with links to tips and suggestions on how to achieve the best images.  We’ll be featuring our favourites here on the blog and in our monthly eZine Capital Interest.  And just to add a bit of competition, we’ll be running a points league.  There is one point for posting an image and there will be occasional bonus points.  At the end of the year, whoever has the most points will receive a gift voucher to spend in the RPS shop. 

What to do next

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Small Print

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