A Crossrail Project

26 April 2017

Region: London

It is proposed to undertake a group photographic project based on tracing the route of the tunnelled sections of London’s Crossrail, but on the surface. The aim would be to photograph places and happenings and in particular, to find a number of images which have links to the actual Crossrail in the tunnels below. The main tunnelled section runs from Paddington to Stratford, with a southern spur going towards the Excel exhibition centre and separate short sections into SE18.

Participants can take a wide range of approaches to this up-to-the-minute project; including street photography, underground station details, Crossrail work-in-progress sites, archaeological discoveries, past history of London Transport, London maps and general research around the subject. A large amount to be found on Crossrail websites and even the new trains can possibly be found undergoing test runs. So there is detective work as well as photography if participants wish.

This will be a team project, with individual participant’s photographs assembled together; later edited to eventually become a photobook and accompanying print exhibition.

This project is envisaged as being undertaken over a timeframe of several months. There would be team reviews and discussion along the way, both on-line and face-to-face.

The project will be led by Brian Steptoe FRPS. Brian has led a number of similar group projects in the past in his camera club. He is an experienced photobook creator and led the team that organised the RPS International Photobook Exhibition in 2016.

The project is planned to be carried out over 9 months, with photography from June 2017 to end 2017 and team work on photobook creation and print exhibition choices during Jan-Mar 2018.

Costs. The project needs to cover its costs. Participants will be asked for small contributions to cover room hire costs for team meetings and costs for book and exhibition printing next year.

Anyone interested in participating is invited to send an email to bsteptoe@compuserve.com. Participation is open to both RPS members and non-members.