Katie Boswell's submission on Spiral Staircases wins Silver

22 February 2017

Region: London

Katie Boswell, active member of RPS London Region, has won Silver at IPOTY 2016 in the Amateur Interior Architecture Category.  Here's what Katie says of her project:

"Staircases of London is a collection of London’s most impressive spiral stairs. This selection of images is part of a larger, ongoing project that combines my appreciation for design with my interest in London’s evolution. The staircases project provides architectural and cultural insights spanning five hundred years from the 17-21 centuries. For example, the Tulip Stairs, found in the Queen’s House in Greenwich, is notable architecturally because it was the first self supporting helical staircase in Britain. It is an elegant display of light and curves, and demonstrates the wrought-iron craftsmanship which was popular at the time. This selection includes the Tulip Stairs as well as stairs from: the Newport Street Gallery; Heal’s department store; citizenM hotel; and the Wellcome Collection.

I hope you enjoy my photos"

About Katie:

"I have enjoyed photography throughout my life, but it wasn't until I got my first DSLR that I became hooked. I like to photograph landscapes and cityscapes, and find lots of inspiration near my home in London. Photography is my Shen strengthener. It fills me with creative energy and elevates my appreciation of the environment around me. It is a privilege to make photography a daily part of life."

Katie will be writing more about her project for our next issue of Capital Interest, but we thought you would enjoy reading this now.  Here's a link to the Interior Photographer of the Year website.  https://iphotographeroftheyear.com/winners-gallery/ipoty-2016/amateur/181/interior/show/silver-award

Image:  Tulip Stairs Queen's House Greenwich (c) Katie Boswell

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27 February 2017

Well done Katie, with my love of spiral staircases maybe I should come and have some lessons.

Great achievement.

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