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14 June 2017

Region: London

Janet Haines ARPS sends us news from the Digital Imaging Group and information of how to sign up online!   Janet writes:


That you can now join the Digital Imaging Group (DIG) online for just £8 a year?


  • High quality quarterly magazine, DIGIT
  • Monthly online DIG News; read using super page turning software.
  • 7 active DIG Centres around the UK holding regular meetings – DIG Members get concession prices.
  • A national conference, DI Expo, is held every other year.
  • Two annual free to enter member competitions - prints and PDI; plus exhibition catalogues
  • An active friendly Forum on the RPS web site with a monthly members competition.
  • A new closed user Facebook group – post images for friendly feedback.
  • All genre of work is very acceptable to us.

The only difference with an online membership is that you read the DIGITs and competition catalogues on your tablet or laptop.

DIG has 1600 members world wide. It is a very active and friendly group. Ours members love us !

DIG started as a group of early DIGITAL adopters who helped and supported each other when there was little information about the new technology.  This ethos is still core to our Group.

For more information about DIG go to    

Janet Haines ARPS


How to join DIG Online

Log in to My RPS by clicking on the ‘Login’ button on the top right hand corner of    Once logged in the button then says ‘My RPS’.  Click this and it takes you to your personal account page.

Scroll down to the section headed Your Region/Chapter/Group(s)

Click the ‘Renew or join a Special Interest Group’

The list of all Special Interest Groups opens up and you see the cost for joining that group for the remainder of your RPS year.  A whole years subscription (£8) will be taken from you at the time of renewing your annual RPS membership.

Check the box adjacent to Digital Imaging Online – the screen refreshes and invites you to pay online using your credit card.

Each month DIG Committee receive from RPS headquarters  their ‘new members’ list, at which stage we will send you a Welcome Pack with more information on how to enjoy your new DIG membership.

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03 June 2018

I am sure I paid when I paid my annual fees and DIG Online is on my profile but have not heard anything.
C heryl Harvey (NZ)

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