Pinhole Portraits by Matea Smolčić Senčar

12 June 2017

Region: London

As part of the London Pinhole Photography Festival, Croatian photographer Matea Smolčić Senčar exhibited her beautiful portraits in her “Pinhole Portraits” exhibition at The Embassy of the Republic of Croatia. Matea is an established commercial photographer who manages to balance her commercial work with her art.

All of these portraits were shot on film with a beautiful wooden pinhole camera over the last eight years — there is a look of skill and vision in producing such work. Matea explained that at first there was a lot of trial and error especially given that the feedback is not immediate. Over time she has clearly developed both great skill and style to produce such an excellent body of work.

Throughout the series of portraits, there is a unique and striking style — strong black and white images often with movement in the subject or even multiple exposures. This provides a true sense of character and mood in her subjects, their personality and the environment in which they were being photographed. Some of the images are self-portraits which focus on Matea’s own facial expressions

Matea’s work is an excellent example of why all photographers (both professional and amateur) need to pursue their own personal projects in order to maintain their creativity and love for photography. It is all too easy to forget this.

The Private View was held in the presence of the Ambassador of Croatia His Excellency Dr Ivan Grdešić and his wife, Mrs Elena Grdešić, who are both very keen photographers. Since arriving in London, Dr Grdešić and his amazing staff have established the Embassy’s gallery and supported many photographic exhibitions.


Neil Cordell