Here and There by Jillian Edelstein Hon FRPS

17 May 2017

Region: London

Jillian Edelstein Hon FRPS has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund her next book.  An immensely personal project, Here and There is Jillian’s journey in search of a lost branch of her family, which takes her from her home in London, to the Ukraine and then to Latvia.

“Refracting images of displaced people through the lens of her family’s own mystery, Jillian reaches the refugee history we all have in common, whether we know its details or not.” (Unbound Website)

This is a splendid opportunity to be amongst the first to receive a limited-edition of the forthcoming book, with its exquisite images and moving story.

For further details and to make a contribution, visit the Unbound website.

Main image:  Aunt Minna and her ladies band.  It was the discovery of Aunt Minna’s existence that set Jillian on her journey.

Below: Refugee © Jillian Edelstein.