10 October 2017

Region: London

'THIRTEEN' – a group of professional and accomplished amateur photographers with many awards, and with solo and group exhibitions to their credit – are known for their idiosyncratic approach to photography. This is their second appearance at Lauderdale House in an exhibition which runs until 28th October.

The thirteen members cover a wide range of genres and techniques, producing images that are surprising in content and originality, covering a wide range of photographic categories and modes. In black and white or colour; from tableaux to street life; portraits to abstracts; dramatic landscapes some of which use a slit-scanned technique. Take a trip around the world through their cityscapes!

Common to each photographer is a unique vision which invites the viewer’s involvement.

Seven of the photographers are RPS members, with Distinctions among them, as follows. Here they present their brief biographies.

Andrew Ridley LRPS

I love doing wedding photography because of the unique moment, a once in a lifetime gathering of friends and family on such an important occasion, in which I try to capture the intensity of the laughter, joy and tears that these events always bring.  I have managed a print and design business for 30 years and have received awards and accolades from the SWPP as well as having previously won the Lauderdale House Photographic Competition in 2015.

Image - Alina (c) Andrew Ridley LRPS


Duncan Unsworth

My passion for photography started with the moment of alchemy as a print emerged in the tray of developer in a student union darkroom and it has never left me! My academic degree is in geography and I have managed to combine my two passions during a visit to Iceland, and it is these results that I am pleased to show at Lauderdale House. I have previously had work published in The RPS Contemporary Group Journal as well as exhibiting around London, including a solo exhibition at Lauderdale House in 2015. I have worked as a BBC cameraman for over 35 years and received awards for my contribution to some of the most popular sitcoms on TV. I currently guest tutor at the National Film and Television School as well as working freelance on a variety of programmes.

Image - Lambhus (c) Duncan Unsworth


Gareth Davies

I specialize in panoramic imaging an interest which began in 1995 using a Russian swing-lens camera and which developed by building a rotating 360º camera in 1999.  I like to explore more familiar pictorial uses, as well as less conventional applications such as the panoramas I am currently exhibiting. These are slit-scan images, a technique which is best known in sports photo-finish images and the star gate sequence in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001”: A Space Odyssey”, which enable the capture of progress, repetition and time within a single still image. The images are of the lakes created by Capability Brown at Ashburnham Place in Sussex as part of my ongoing project for the tercentenary of his birth.

Image Ashburnham (c) Gareth Davies


Gordana Johnson

I am now a proud Londoner who first took to photography at the age of sixteen in my homeland of Croatia, where my first nationwide competition brought me an award in portraiture. In the years since, my work has been featured in magazines, calendars, books and interactive apps and I have won competitions and awards across a variety of categories. I won the Lauderdale House Photographic Competition in 2013. My work on display this time is ‘Reflections’ which are from the series Mare Nostrum Croaticum, a Latin name once given to the Croatian Adriatic by a Croatian medieval ruler.

Image Reflections5 (c) Gordana Johnson


Neil Cordell – Co-Regional Organiser, RPS London Region

I am a London based photographer with a passion for telling stories through images. I have been very fortunate to be able to combine my photography with my love of travel across the world. During my travels I have been very lucky to meet some wonderful people and have taken many portraits. I find that having a camera in my hands provides an excellent opportunity to engage with local people even when we do not have a common language.

Image Morocco (c) Neil Cordell


Norman Smith LRPS

I have an interest in urban spaces, and the interaction between people and their surroundings. I try to make images which the viewers will find interesting and worthy of repeated viewing. If I can make them humorous as well then that is a bonus. I present a number of street images inspired by the action of people simply walking.

I regularly exhibit with RPS London and run monthly street walks for them.. To become familiar with the techniques and details of my style of street photography sign up for one of the walks on the RPS London Events page.

Image Blue (c) Norman Smith LRPS


Quentin Ball ARPS

I have specialised for many years in Landscape work, both in urban and rural environments. Latterly I have been running photographic holidays to the iconic outdoors of the USA to allow others to experience the passion I feel and provide the opportunity to obtain some great images.                                                                 

My series here is Urban Abstract Landscapes. I discovered recently that my camera has the option to add a mirror image to the view that I see in the viewfinder. By refining the content I have been able to create the view as an abstract image. Gratifyingly, this new body of work reminds me my early days in the darkroom - exploring abstract practices – and this has provided a new impetus.

Image Mirror5 (c) Quentin Ball ARPS


The exhibition runs until 27th October at Lauderdale House

Opening Hours are varied with guaranteed opening between Mon-Wed 11:00-16:00 and other times by confirming with the venue or by looking at the web entry.



There is a special performance event coming up in connection with the exhibition.  Susanne Mecklenburg (voice), William Hancox (piano), Gareth Davies (photography and videos).  IN between MUSIC and PHOTOGRAPHY is a complementary event for the THIRTEEN exhibition at Lauderdale House (4 to 27 October 2017), offering a visual and sound experience, weaving together photography and music to tell a tale.

Fri 20 Oct 19:30 - Ticketed event please see the web site

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