The Hogsmill River in SW London

04 July 2019

Region: London

Mike Longhurst writes:

"When RPS London decided to do a book on the Waterways of SW London, it was the excuse I needed to explore and photograph the Hogsmill River..

The book required only 7 pictures and they are below [in the pdf attached] but over a few months I went on to recce most of the river.

Thje permissions I got from the Council eventually reached the Countryside Management people, who asked to share all of the work and got me to cover some missed bits to create an archive.

The river is very historical, having driven various mills, including gunpowder in several places in its heyday"

See Mike's pictures and more of the story here.   (Link to pdf)

MIke is now running an event for the Epsom CC on Sunday 11th August, which RPS London Region Members are invited to join.  Meeting will be 2pm, August 11, in front of Bourne Hall entrance, Spring St, Ewell KT17 1UF.  Large carpark free on Sundays!   To join in e-mail Michelle

Image Source (of the Hogsmill River) at Bourne Hall Park, Ewell (c) Mike Longhurst FRPS