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Ilya's Course Blog Week 7

Week 6 of the OU/RPS Digital Imaging Course

Added by Region: London on 27 Jul 2015

"Curating the Bleeding London Exhibition": Jonathan Taylor, Curator

Back in early April 2014 I was tagged in a short and enigmatic post by a Facebook friend: “Calling all snappers ..”. There an enticing “I’m In” button beckoned and 16 months on I’m up a set of steps hanging the last of 39 boards showing images from the most exciting photo project I’ve ever been involved in.

Added by Region: London on 21 Jul 2015

The Story Behind the Image - from Lorraine

My image was taken in a small village up in the Atlas Mountains.

Added by Region: London on 20 Jul 2015

Rob Ball - Dreamlands

Photography Exhibition Review

Added by Region: London on 19 Jul 2015

Ilya's Course Blog - Week 6

Week 5 of the OU/RPS Digital Photography course, and I am still impressed!

Added by Region: London on 18 Jul 2015

About A Strand - Exhibition

Details of an interesting forthcoming exhibition.

Added by Region: London on 17 Jul 2015

BL Winner Chris Mansfield tells his story!

Chris first read about Bleeding London a couple of months after the project was underway. Initially attracted by the idea that every contributor would have at least one picture in the final exhibition, he soon became hooked. Here's his story.

Added by Region: London on 16 Jul 2015

Stuart's First Walk

“He knew he had to begin somewhere and he knew that in one sense, any place was as good as another, but he scanned the index of his A-Z looking for a street name that sounded appropriate. His eyes fell on a line that read North Pole Road. Next day he went there and started his walk.”

Added by Region: London on 15 Jul 2015

Home thoughts from a (Cine) Camera

The culmination of over 600 contributors’ work and a huge creative effort from the many and the heroic few – the ‘Bleeding London’ exhibition set up and launch at City Hall (8th July) was an expression of what it is to be British.

Added by Region: London on 14 Jul 2015

London Newsletters

So we promised you a Capital Interest on the 13th July....

Added by Region: London on 13 Jul 2015