Information and Advice


First contact for all enquiries about the Society and its administration should be to Carol Palmer, Regional Organiser. Or contact the relevant department or group of the Society directly.


There is a lot of good advice on this matter already available within the site, however my advice to anyone wanting advice regarding Distinctions would be as follows:-

Web site: The Distinctions pages have a copy of the Distinctions handbook; and practical advice re. Applying, Preparation and Assessment. Together with a list of dates for workshops and assessments.

Local Advice: Ask Carol Palmer, Regional Organiser, she will also point you in the right direction for further information and support.

First steps to application: Read on line information and LRPS / ARPS Handbook. 

Next steps:

1:- Attend a local Assessment Day as an observer - (see events listings on side bar, for the next advisory day in the area).

2:- Attend an Assessment Day with your proposed panel for advice. Remember to take along a few extra images to assist the panel members in giving you the best advice AND take Prints or PDI's dependant upon which method you have decided upon for your submission.

3:- Contact the Distictions Department at RPS HQ to be put in touch with a Panel member for Personal Advice. Note there are conditions with personal advice, and this facility should be reserved as your last action, if at all, before making an application.

4:- The assessment dates and forms are available from the Distinctions pages. Apply to the Distinctions Department.

FORUM:(new) There are now two forums on the RPS website. The first is a general purpose Forum (via top bar on the page) for the whole of the RPS, the second is a regional Forum (via the region bar above) specifically for the Northen Region.

These Forums covers a wide variety of topics as provided by the contributors.

Be warned do not underestimate the time it may take to be properly prepared for a distinctions assessment.

AND finally good luck!