Regional Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a key part of The Society's activities. As well as becoming a member of The Society itself, many members choose to join one or more of the specialist Groups which concentrate more closely particular areas of photography and imaging. 

All members are welcome to join any or all of the Groups; you can join one group for FREE within your first year of membership.

Some of the Groups have Regional sub groups which allow members to meet up locally. The following is a list of those operating in our area:-

Contemporary North East - The group is open to all RPS members, Contemporary Group Members and non-members. Find out more by Clicking HERE

Documentary Northern Group - The group is open to all RPS members, both Documentary Group members and non-members.  The group meets regularly throughout the year and undertakes joint projects, such as documenting country fairs. For more information click HERE or e-mail

The group is open to all; RPS members, contemporary group members and non-members are all welcome to come along. - See more at: