17 March 2014

Region: Northern

Sunday morning already, and the last session of the weekend.


Ian showed us results from a challenge he had faced … taking people pictures. He joined a few fellow photographers on a trip to Nepal. He confessed he did not feel comfortable confronting people. He certainly quickly learned how to do it. There were wonderful portraits from Katmandu, villages overlooking the Annapurna range, Chitwan National Park, and Baktapur . He showed the rich variation in life styles. Again his images were of great quality and memorable.


John moved to a digital presentation, elaborating on his miscellany, showing a selection of images taken from 2011 – 2014. Once again he emphasised his enjoyment of being on is own when concentrating on taking his pictures. He also stressed ‘getting it right in the camera’. He did as little manipulation afterwards as possible.

We were taken to see the snow monkeys in Japan, birds from around the world, wildlife and quiver trees in Namibia and home to pebbles on the beach. His lectures were enlivened by an infectious sense of humour. He concluded by saying ‘ I enjoy taking pictures and I take the pictures that I want to take’.


It was a most enjoyable and instructive weekend, with good food, comfortable accommodation, good company and superb entertainment.


David and Hilary Shaw