Northern Newsletter No 31 published

29 November 2014

Region: Northern

Northern Newsletter No 31 published on site. Have a look at our new format newsletter on the site today.

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Please let us know what you think of it AND any articles or photographers you think should be covered in future editions.

Comments (2)

15 December 2014

A very enjoyable newsletter with excellent pictures. Like Carolm I would prefer more articles and fewer images. I regret the passing of a paper newsletter, I still have back copies since moving to the region in 2002, but accept that this is the way things are these days.

The font which is being used is not right for the newsletter in electronic format. At first glance it looks clear and easy to read but some letters are clumped together, actually making it difficult to read.

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12 December 2014

Some excellent images but too many and I would have preferred more articles with just a few images illustrating them.

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