Northern Region Annual General Meeting

30 September 2015

Region: Northern

Northern Region

Annual General Meeting

to be held at

Backworth Hall

15th November 2015

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Northern Region will be held immediately after the Adobe Workshop. The AGM is only open to Members of the Northern Region of the RPS.

1  Apologies for absence

2  Report of Regional Organiser

3  Report of Treasurer

4  Election of Officers and Members of the Committee

 see notice below

5  Any other business

Notice relating to section 4 of the 2015 AGM, Northern Region RPS

The Committee wishes to announce that the following resignations have been received and accepted with the utmost regret:

Jane Black, Regional Organiser

Neil Maughan, Committee Member

Brian Pearson, Treasurer

David Shaw, Committee Member

Hilary Shaw, Committee Member

George Ledger, Committee Member and Webmaster

NB Jane Black will remain as an Advisor to the Committee

Under the Standing Rules of the Northern Region, the remaining Members of the Committee, Gerry Adcock, Peter Reid, Sandra Taylor and Alan Wood are eligible for re-election without the need to be nominated. There are also two vacancies for Ordinary Members of the Committee for which nominations are  invited.

Any member of Northern Region is entitled to make a nomination; such nominations, together with the written consent of the Nominee*, should be delivered to the Secretary** on or before 25th October 2015.

Peter Reid ARPS


18th September 2015

* Nominees must be current members of the Royal Photographic Society

** by email to:

by post to: Peter Reid

7 Kirkside

New Herrington

Tyne and Wear