Scottish Northern Group Outing

16 September 2019

Region: Scotland

Pleased to report that the Scottish Northern Group had a very successful and enjoyable outing last Sunday when we explored the Cabrach Area of Moray.
We started off with a hearty breakfast at Dufftown Railway Station and then set off to spend the day photographing the Cabrach. We enjoyed some very
dramatic big skies with excellent lighting interrupted by only a couple of rain showers.
The Cabrach is a very historical and interesting area which so far has avoided the hordes of tourists which are creating havoc with the many recognized
hot spots around the Highlands.
It presents many photo opportunities including abandoned farms and cottages, a castle and spectacular if desolate scenery.
We had ten attending both from the Inverness Area and from Aberdeen.
Our next outing is scheduled for October when we are having an extended weekend in Lochaber courtesy of one of our members who runs a guest-house in Fort William.
We remain a very active RPS Group!!