Report on the ARPS Advisory Day in Crawley, West Sussex by Chelin Miller

06 October 2014

Region: South East

On 14 September the Southeast region held an ARPS Advisory Day in the Haven Centre, Crawley Down, West Sussex. The aim of the event was to provide guidance to RPS Members and Non-members who are considering applying for the ARPS distinction in the Travel and Visual Art categories. We had an opportunity to see successful ARPS submissions and receive personal guidance on the preparation of a panel.

The advisers were Trevor Gellard FRPS and Pete McClosky FRPS, who are respectively Members of the Visual Art and Travel Distinctions Panels.  You can see Trevor Gellard showing two successful panels to the audience in the picture above.

The event was well attended and we saw very interesting proposed panels with a wide range of themes, quality and points of view. Feedback on the event was very positive, the participants found the outcome very useful: whether they were told that they had a chance of success, or an indication that they needed to further work on certain aspects of the selected images.

One of the most difficult things to determine, when preparing an Associateship panel, is in which category to submit your entry. Spectators were able to get the Advisers’ opinion on this, as well as questions particular to their own panels: is it acceptable to submit a mixture of B&W and colour images, does size matter, does matt or gloss paper make a difference, is my selection original enough, is the quality of my work up to “A” standard, do my prints work well as a coherent panel? And many other questions that arise when trying to decide how to present your images.

There is no doubt that attending an Advisory Day and showing a sneak peek of your panel is the best way to get an idea of where you stand.