Focus on Members: David Jenner

11 August 2015

Region: South East

I enjoyed Christmas 2014 in the beautiful seaside town of Southwold, and whilst Christmas Day might be a day for a lie-in for some, I was up at dawn to capture the sunrise. It was an unseasonably warm ten degrees on the coast but I guess that’s the great British weather for you!

Having been there since it was dark, I knew the shot I wanted so I started shooting (and waiting) for the light to change. If anyone has ever done a sunrise shoot you will know that it starts to get light long before the sun appears and depending on the cloud cover sometimes you may never even see it. I was starting to wonder whether it would show and just as I was thinking about packing up it suddenly broke through. Then you have between five and ten minutes of perfect photographic scenery so you have to be ready, it’s the magical moment that gets me out of bed at ‘stupid o’clock’ on days like this. 

Now for the technical info… I am a Nikon D810 user with a 24-120mm lens, this was shot at f14, 28mm ISO 50. I had my Lee 0.6 ND Filter to balance out the bright sky. This was a 30 second exposure to soften out the water and the sky.


A friend of mine once told me that whilst he was shooting a sunset of the famous rooftop view in Florence, a spontaneous round of applause broke out from the Italians when the sun finally disappeared behind the horizon. Maybe us Brits might not show such exuberance but whenever I see a magical sunrise or sunset you totally understand the sentiment.


Text and photograph © David Jenner


David's Southwold panorama was shortlisted for the RPS Monthly competition (July) Coastal landscapes, to view this and other entries, visit the website here.


To find out more about David's photography and his 'Night and Day' images, visit his website here.