Patterns, Places and Power exhibition

28 August 2015

Region: South East

How to set up your own photo exhibition: Interview with Paul Bather ARPS


Chelin Miller: When did you start taking photographs?

Paul Bather: I started using film, primarily slides (Fujichrome) in the early 1980s when my wife bought me a Mamiya 35mm camera. I moved through various cameras before settling on the Nikon range and started shooting digitally when the D70 was released. I now shoot extensively in Digital using a combination of D7100 and D5200. I have not moved on to use full frame as yet, as one of my primary interests is motor sport and the crop factor of my current cameras is used to its full extent.


CM: What inspires you to go out and shoot?

PB: As well as motor sport I enjoy landscapes, travel and flower photography.


“Patterns, Places and Power” depicts a wide and diverse range of subjects, including paper and water abstracts, landscapes and classic American cars.


CM: What is your photography workflow?

PB: I like to keep my photography simple I enjoy the taking of pictures far more than the processing. I do not spend a lot of time processing my pictures: just simple cropping, contrast, brightness adjustment and colour enhancement, if required. I shoot in RAW to allow the maximum adjustment possible – again, if and when required - and will only shoot JPEGs if I am attending a motor racing event with a view to putting pictures on my website in the shortest possible time.


CM: Are you a member of a camera club?

PB: I have been a member of Bexleyheath Photographic Society since the middle of the 90s. I enjoy the social atmosphere and different speakers as well as the often-constructive criticism given by visiting judges when entering club competitions. My interest and involvement with Bexleyheath PS introduced me to the Royal Photographic Society and I gained my Associateship with a panel of sport-related pictures in September 2006. Being a member of both my local club and the Royal Photographic Society has introduced me to a range of people with similar interests and has subsequently led me to developing and widening my photographic interests.

CM: Is this your first exhibition?

PB: Having been involved in a number of club exhibitions, I held my first solo exhibition 10 years ago vowing never to do it again. However I had a body of work that was collecting dust in various boxes, and decided to do it all over again. So 18 months ago I booked the exhibition space at a local gallery The Stables Gallery in Hall Place and Gardens, Bexley.


"The Exhibition has been a labour of love... It has taken me on  different and fulfilling journey"


CM: What advice would you give to others who want to follow your steps?

PB: The exhibition has been a labour of love and as it moves closer I am truly excited. It has taken me on a different and fulfilling journey and provided the opportunity to develop my own personal style: it has taken me a in a very different and exciting direction. I have used different techniques and subject matters in order to challenge myself and arrive at a point where I can say I am happy with the new selected work. I would recommend it to anybody. For the actual set-up, rather than hiring frames, I found it was more practical to buy them; to bring costs down further I had all prints commercially printed using bulk orders, also using pre-cut mounts to ensure consistency. I calculated the total cost of prints, mounts, frames and venue hire to arrive at a price to sell the displayed work, which will be available to purchase at the gallery.

CM: Where and how can people see and purchase your photographs?

PB: The exhibition, titled “Patterns, Places and Power”, will be on at the Stables Gallery, Hall Place and Gardens, Bourne Road, Bexley  DA5 5PQ, from 19th September to 18th October. And you can see a small selection of my pictures on my website


Interview by Chelin Miller LRPS

Photos by Paul Bather ARPS