LRPS Advisory Day in Surrey

06 July 2015

Region: South East

This event was organised in response to the high demand for Licentiateship Advisory Days in the South East region.

On a glorious summer's day in Cobham, the event was very well attended. There was a wide variety of submissions, with a good mixture of styles and subjects; some near-final panels and others that needed more work.

We were privileged to have the presence of two expert Fellows, members of the Licentiateship Distinctions Advisory Panel. Cathy Robertson and Chris Palmer firstly showed two successful panels to give a flavour of the standard required. Then they went on to give invaluable personal advice to the participants, in a friendly, relaxed and constructive way. There were also many spectators, who are perhaps planning to submit for a Distinction in the future, and made the most of the day.

One of the participants, Lisa Katsiaris, said: "The Advisors commented on the difference between assessing a panel and judging a single image for a camera club competition. Their advice was to follow your heart and your passion rather than taking images to conform to a club theme or remit. I found it interesting how Chris and Cathy were able to hone in very quickly on where people’s hearts lie photographically."



"We want you to succeed, and if there is anything in the panel that needs pointing out, we will give you advice on how to improve it."


For me, the Top Tip was: Four things that you should watch out for, because they will make your panel fail: Blown Highlights, Blocked Shadows, Over-sharpening and Printer Banding.


"Another positive side of this event was its location", said Lisa; "It’s easy to access from the M25/A3, it has good parking and the benefit of a Waitrose 2 minutes' walk away. Someone mentioned that it was also a good venue for people living in West London."

A most useful and interesting event! A lot of people confirmed that they’d be booking an Assessment Day as a result of this advisory day. If you want to find out more about how to obtain a Distinction, check out the website here


The importance of presentation: the mounts should enhance the photographs and not constrain them


Photos by Chelin Miller LRPS, report by Chelin and Lisa Katsiaris