Re-Wilding Lewes

03 July 2015

Region: South East

With current austerity cutbacks comes a bonus for wildlife. The local authority in my area (Lewes in East Sussex) used to send somebody around to spray weed-killer along verges and pavements, but this hasn’t been the case more recently.

Friars Walk


Talbot Terrace


I was fascinated to see the variety of plants growing and how big they get so quickly. Once started photographing them I noticed them more and more.

Abinger Place


Talbot Terrace 2


Whether this cost-saving measure is a false economy remains to be seen, once plants get hold they can start lifting paving which may lead to costly repairs later; although that may be the responsibility of a different department.


Does this happen in your area, too? If you take photos of the ‘wilderness’ close to your home, we'd love to know! Share your pictures and experiences by leaving a comment below.

Southover High Street


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