Regional Advisory Day

26 April 2015

Region: South West

Susan Brown FRPS and Pete Closkey FRPS were the nominated advisors for the day. Between them they had 19 panels on which 16 were Licentiateship and 3 being Associateship to view and advise on. An enthusiatic audience of over 50 people were entertained to an excellent day viewing the prospective panels, along with a selection of successful panels sent from Bath. The were some panels that it was suggested by Susan and Pete that people should send their applications in as the standard of work was very good.

A very enjoyable day with thanks to Susan and Pete for their help and assistance to all the prospective Distinctions applicants

Front page image Susan & Pete adving an L panel Image Mick Medley

Image below, Pete & Susan discuss a prospective "A" panel by Des Sheridan, image Mick Medley

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26 April 2015

Thank you to all the participants for bringing their work today and to the observers for their attendance. Particular thanks to Susan and Peter for the way they helped the participants with their comments and the way that they tried to improve the panels, through rearranging the order of the prints to improve the cohesive nature of the panel.

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